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Unlimited Online File Storage Free Trial

Unlimited File Storage

Unlimited File Storage

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File & Folder Sharing in less than 4 Clicks

Share your files in less than 4 clicks

Right click a file or folder you want to share, select Web Link

web link right click

Click "Create Web link"

Weblink window

Your link is now created, copy & paste as needed

Web Link with window

Use the Short Link for Email or Social Networking

Private Hotlinks/Weblinks

The Hotlink function allows you to create a unique external link to a specific file or folder stored within your Unlimited File Storage account allowing anyone to access it. You can manage your Web Link by setting password, number of downloads and expiration date.
These are your files, we don't advertise on your hotlink and users will not see any advertising when browsing shared folders or downloading files via a shared web link. To make things even easier we have integrated with to provide instant short links.
The web linking also includes Social Network support allowing you to easily distribute and share your content through your favorite Social Networking sites including:

facebook  Twitter  delicious  google  digg  technorati  stumbleupon  newsvine  yahoo  reddit 

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