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Unlimited Online File Storage Free Trial

Unlimited File Storage

Unlimited File Storage

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How Are We Different From Others

Unlimited File Storage is a simple easy to use online file storage and management solution. Home and business professionals enjoy the rich features and simplicity of our systems. UFS gives you; extra storage space, hard drive backup, Web links for sharing file, photo editor and a multimedia player. We have worked hard to keep our system as simple as possible to keep our prices competitive and user friendly.


  • File sizes: upload/download files larger than 2GB.
    (How to download files larger than 2gb)
  • Executablefiles: Store your programs online (.exe .bat .msi)
  • Easy to use: Windows Explorer like interface with "Right Click".
  • Universal Compatibility: pc, mac, linux, android, iphone, ipad, blackberry.
Sets us Apart
File Uploading


  • Large Files: Upload files larger than 2GB.
  • Upload Methods: Drag & Drop or Classic File Uploading.
  • Folder Tree: Upload at one time your folders and subfolders preserving the folder structure.

Easy File Management

  • Simplicity: Simple easy to use Interface
  • Flexibility: Preview/Edit pictures and documents online without downloading
  • Versions: Keep multiple versions of your photos and documents
  • Recycle Bin: Delete files and retrieve them later from the online recycle bin.
  • Search: files and folders fast with the built in search engine.
File Management
Web Links

Share Files with Private Web Links

  • Web Links: Create and manage web links
  • Password protect: Files and folder web links
  • Email notifications: When someone downloads from your link
  • Download Limits: Set number of download limits for files.
  • integration: For shorted links

Security & Physical location of your data

We house our equipment in the Coresite Data Centers

Security is paramount at our data centers, with some of the world's largest and most influential organizations deploying their ICT infrastructure in these data centers. Featuring 24-hour on-site officers, mantraps, biometric scanners, multiple key card access points, 24-hour data center and systems monitoring via manned operations support center, CCTV with video archiving, and data center access logs.

Our data centers are some of the most efficient in the world, featuring innovative infrastructure such as 97%-efficient UPS units, air and water-side economization, and variable frequency driven cooling units (VFDs). We have posted 99.999% uptime levels, delivering the reliability our elite customers demand. Our data centers feature SAS 70 Type II certification and our new-build data centers are designed to USGBC LEED Gold standards.

Secure SSL (HTTPS) Access

Unlimited File Storage is designed to run under the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Unlimited File Storage has protection against Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injections, Session Hijacking, brute force login attempts (it automatically disables one accounts after multiple failed attempts). The users input are strictly validated to prevent access outside the allowed folders. Unlimited File Storage is also used over SSL, which encrypts communications between the user and our servers.

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