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Common Questions

Accounts / Registration

Why haven't I received my account confirmation email yet?
First, please check your email's SPAM/junk folder for the confirmation email. Adding to your email's address book/contacts will help ensure it makes it through your email's filtering system. If you don't receive it in your inbox or SPAM folder, please email to have one resent.
How many Unlimitedfilestorage accounts can I have?
As stated in our Usage Policy, With the Free Unlimitedfilestorage account service, you may have up to 2 accounts for personal use. Three or more accounts may be disabled and deleted. Unlimitedfilestorage paid users may have as much storage as they require, as defined by their plan, as well as multiple accounts they are willing to pay for.
Why are the Unlimitedfilestorage password requirements so strict?
At Unlimitedfilestorage, we do everything we can to protect your data. However, data protection is a two-sided process; Unlimitedfilestorage's side and your side. The best way to protect your data is to keep your password a secret. This way you will limit the users that can access your account to just you. Your password must be a minimum of eight (6) characters with at least one (1) capital (eg: A) and one (1) number (eg: 1). This will make it harder for hackers to 'discover' your password. An example of this is: Ts3st$.
What if I forgot my username or password?
Click 'Forgot your password' under the 'My Account' section of the homepage and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.
Why haven't I received my "Forgot Password" Email ?
Please check your email's SPAM/junk folder for the email. To prevent future UFS emails from going to your SPAM/junk folder, please add to your email's address book/contacts to help ensure it makes it through your email's filtering system.
I can't login to the storage system...
The UFS storage system relies in cookies for transaction records, if you are unable to login to the storage system please clear your browser cookies and try logging in to the system again.
What kind of Content is not allowed?
As stated in our Usage Policy, we do not allow illegal and adult material. If found, the offending account will be suspended and all content will be deleted and not refunded.


What operating systems are compatible with Unlimitedfilestorage?
We currently support Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, for our complete list please visit our Compatibility Page
What browsers are compatible with Unlimitedfilestorage and what settings do I need to use to make them work properly?
Unlimitedfilestorage supports the use of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Konqourer. To experience the full features of Unlimitedfilestorage, please configure your browser settings to the following:
Cookies enabled and JavaScript enabled, That’s it !
How Secure is it online and physically?
Online: We have protection against Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injections, Session Hijacking, brute force login attempts. The users input is strictly validated to prevent access outside the allowed folders. Unlimited File Storage is also be run over SSL, which considerably improves the security.
Physically: Our Servers are located in one of the leading colocation facilities in the US called Coresite. They have 24-hour on-site officers, 24-hour data center and systems monitoring via manned operations support center, CCTV with video archiving, and data center access logs to name a few.
What are the System Requirements?
Unlike other File Management systems, there are no client side software of plugins to be installed on the users system so that they can access Unlimited File Storage.
All users need is a PC or Mac running any of the following Browsers with Javascript enabled: Internet Explorer versions: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 Firefox versions: 2 / 3 / 3.5 Safari versions: 3 / 4 Opera version: 9 Google Chrome Konqueror
Can I stream video's from Unlimited File Storage?
Too allow great upload speeds to our customers we do not allow video streaming. However, you can set a hotlink to a video to allow others do download the video.


How much does it cost?
We have many plans to choose from. Free Account, Standard, Premium, and Professional. Please visit the Pricing page For detailed information on each plan.
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