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Unlimited File Storage

Unlimited File Storage

About Us

UnlimitedFileStorage Inc. Is a small family owned company based out of the San Francisco bay area in sunny California. Starting off small is our key, the system was designed and built by the founders of UFS then refined and stabilized by a professional software development company. The entire user interface was created and built by our in-house graphics designer. This husband and wife team has been in the website design, software development and large scale infrastructure industry for over 10 years.

Unlimitedfilestorage launched in 2010 with only a few hundred customers and the first version of our storage system was a success, after a year of grinding development and endless conversations with you, we have launched version 2 of our cloud based file storage system. We listen to your needs and created a user friendly and simple to use feature rich storage system with our user interface built around your comments. Our software is built with three concepts in mind, security, stability and usability. Without these fundamental factors we would not still be here and growing at our current rate. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

How can we offer this?

Our storage platform and user interface is custom built; we own all our equipment and don’t rely on any 3rd party raw storage like some of the competition. Our storage cluster is custom built, the engineer is one of the owners and support is in-house not out sourced. Unlimitedfilestorage is partnered with a local datacenter and leverages vendor relationships established years before the company was launched. This edge allows us to offer a unique storage solution with unlimited capacity.

Our Technology and what makes it unique.

UFS harnesses the power and scalability of VMware and utilizes the Linux XFS and the SUN Solaris ZFS file systems for its data storage platform. Our unique distributed computing methods make the storage platform virtually limitless. This also provides several levels of system redundancy. Our Cluster of servers is linked together using ultra low latency switches and 4GBps fiber channels to communicate. If a server goes down or even a group of servers go down the storage platforms performance is not effected.

Security and Encryption.

The Unlimitedfilestorage software is simple to use and very secure. We have hired multiple outside companies to test and retest the durability and reliability of our software encryption and security features. Each time a user logs in there session is encrypted with a unique key and every file transaction is verified. Your security and privacy is very serious to us, we take every measure to ensure your files are kept safe and only accessible by you and your account.

No bells and whistles!

Yes, our service is simple; but defiantly not lacking functionality. When we set out to design the software, ease of use and simplicity was a large factor. Our competition may have more features but some times that’s not always better and can take an entire manual to understand to use correctly. The user interface is modeled after the windows explorer file system and navigating the system comes naturally to our customers. Our main features include: simple uploading of files, easy creation of weblinks to files and folders, simple navigation around your files on the system and last but not least access. You can login to the storage system from virtually any browser on any device on the market today without installing any software, no mater what your using PC, MAC, Linux or a mobile device, you always have access to your files.

One feature we worked very hard on is the mobile access portal, it is compatible with virtually any internet enabled device on the market today, weather your using a current day iPhone or blackberry to the older windows mobile, palm or nokia devices, your files are always accessible. Login to the mobile portal from any device.

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